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26 Feb

Swag Spy Sightings: In the Streets

Meet Adelina,


Found cruising around Bergen County, New Jersey, Adelina wears a metallic off-the-shoulder cinched sleeve top tucked neatly in to low-rise funky pattern pants. She polishes this hip ensemble off with gold metallic hi top sneakers. I love her color scheme – organized but does not look like she had to try very hard. I am envious, aren’t you?

Cop her swag by putting together a simple yet sexy off-the-shoulder top, a fresh pair of leggings or pants with fun prints and/or colors, and some diesel sneakers. Voila!

Swag Spy

03 Feb

Swag Spy: Loft Party Style

The lovely Sydney Campos of Park Slope, Brooklyn was spotted at a SoHo loft party decked out in a very stylish outfit. She is wearing ultrasexy slingback wedges on her feet, very hip loose fitted pants featuring a fun pattern, and layers it with a casual chic sweater. Sydney is someone who’s style is worthy of emulating!

Swag Spy

27 Jan

Swag Spy Sightings: Harvey Champagne

A friend and I were kicking back at a hookah lounge on the Lower East Side when I noticed the group of people who took the table next to ours. One person in particular was extremely swagged out. Aviators, leopard-print button up blouse (very popular right now), denim vest, black jeans, multiple bracelets with different meanings and leather fingerless gloves. This guy had his ensemble perfect, I had to ask him for a picture.

And lo and behold, turns out he is a recording artist and getting very popular right now! Check him out at

You can cop his swag by browsing our products here at Chloe Loves Charlie and trying a leopard print blouse and a denim studded top.

04 Dec

Swag Spy: Union Square Holiday Market

Swag Spy No Comments by Alexandra

So, as I was making my rounds through the Union Square Holiday Market this past Saturday… and keeping my eyes peeled for swaggered up, trendy looking New Yorkers, there was so much catching my attention that it was hard to focus! Aside from trying not to bump into every single person (are people kind of pushy in NYC?), and trying to follow my nose to the intoxicating aroma of the holiday market’s staple Dinges & Wafel shop (I recommend you eat one if you want to experience true holiday joy), my eyes kept darting to and fro and back and forth with all the new trends I was seeing.

I’m not talking about what was being sold at the holiday market, either. Whoever these people were (I’m assuming most were from another country), they know how to put together an outfit! Even in cold weather, when making an effort to look like your every step belongs on a catwalk just isn’t as easy, these women of the streets had it down.

The main trend I saw in terms of full ensemble is definitely lots of different layers. Meaning: do not wear all one color. You need to brighten and mix it up if you want to be noticed (by me). Choose a jacket with an eccentric color (extra points if it’s leopard print, which seems to be happening). Most fashionable ladies I saw had leather boots on their feet, always classy, but the thing that most struck my attention was the accessories. Apparently every woman needs to have a fuzzy, large ear-warmer headband with a large knit flower sewn on to the side. Very cute. Very chic. Other seemingly popular head-wear which I noticed was corny beanies and hats (colorful hats with cute animal faces printed on). And my favorite trend as always – COLORFUL, FUN LEGGINGS!!

Take a gander.

These ladies had it down with the classy look, while still mixing up the colors. Notice the hat on middle girl, adorable and stands out! Loving the striped leggings on left girl.

Layer it up with feminine prints and furs. But ladies, keep it faux, please!

Don’t want to have the same hat as everyone else? Take a risk and try something like this. This girl looked charming and cute in hers!

Ah! She got away too fast! Alas, all I need you to see here is the colors. Okay, now that I’ve shown you, let’s keep this winter season bright and festive.

See you on the streets! But you won’t see me,

Swag Spy