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26 Feb

Swag Spy Sightings: In the Streets

Meet Adelina,


Found cruising around Bergen County, New Jersey, Adelina wears a metallic off-the-shoulder cinched sleeve top tucked neatly in to low-rise funky pattern pants. She polishes this hip ensemble off with gold metallic hi top sneakers. I love her color scheme – organized but does not look like she had to try very hard. I am envious, aren’t you?

Cop her swag by putting together a simple yet sexy off-the-shoulder top, a fresh pair of leggings or pants with fun prints and/or colors, and some diesel sneakers. Voila!

Swag Spy

03 Feb

Swag Spy: Loft Party Style

The lovely Sydney Campos of Park Slope, Brooklyn was spotted at a SoHo loft party decked out in a very stylish outfit. She is wearing ultrasexy slingback wedges on her feet, very hip loose fitted pants featuring a fun pattern, and layers it with a casual chic sweater. Sydney is someone who’s style is worthy of emulating!

Swag Spy

27 Jan

Swag Spy Sightings: Harvey Champagne

A friend and I were kicking back at a hookah lounge on the Lower East Side when I noticed the group of people who took the table next to ours. One person in particular was extremely swagged out. Aviators, leopard-print button up blouse (very popular right now), denim vest, black jeans, multiple bracelets with different meanings and leather fingerless gloves. This guy had his ensemble perfect, I had to ask him for a picture.

And lo and behold, turns out he is a recording artist and getting very popular right now! Check him out at

You can cop his swag by browsing our products here at Chloe Loves Charlie and trying a leopard print blouse and a denim studded top.

31 Dec

Glam Nails for NYE

Outfit all set for tonight? Pull your New Years look together with the perfect polish!

Razzle Reds

Textured Tips


Onyx Stardust

Rich Blues



xoxo Amanda

23 Sep

Iphone 5: A Unisex Fashion Accessory

 Jimmy Kimmel sends a representative with an iPhone 4S on the streets of LA and told people they were playing with the new iPhone 5, check it out!

As expected, the sixth generation of the iconic device is faster, thinner and lighter but what have we really been waiting for? Does the iPhone 5 really have a projected keyboard like many popular Youtube videos suggest?

iPhone 5 has a smaller docking port with an reversible charger, a sleek new aluminum frame work and the front facing camera is now over the speaker. The 4-inch screen displays more content without scrolling also enabiling their new panoramic feature.  Siri can now bring up sports scores, Yelp reviews and has been updated to work on latest iPad and iPod touch.

Apple has a new mapping software provided by DigitalGlobe allowing 3-D satellite imagery. Since they are no longer with Google, if you want transit directions download HopStop or another App.

For everyone who can’t afford the iPhone 5 you still get to reep the benefits of it’s new operating system.  Download the new software iOS 6 which allows iPhone 4S-ers the option to also take panoramic photos, turn-by-turn spoken navigation, a integrated Facebook and social media shortcut.

If you have the latest Mountain Lion operating system you can get iMessage linked up with your computer. Take advantage by setting up your online account and sync your photos along with the Find my iPhone app on iCloud.