Anna Piaggi, You Will Be Missed

August 9, 2012 No Comments by amanda

This fashion journalist, and style icon sadly passed away on Tuesday, August 07 at the age of 81. Described by photographer Bill Cunningham as a “fine poet in clothes”, she will be remembered for her personal eccentric and colorful approach to fashion, as well as her inspiring work at Vogue Italia.

Vogue Italia said it best, in the statement they released concerning this tragedy:

“The news of her death leaves us dismayed and at a loss for words; gone is Anna Piaggi whom we will no longer see collaborating with art directors, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators. She will be sorely missed at the front rows. Gone are her greetings, her always smart and insightful opinions and comments. Anna Piaggi who will no longer be seen beaming posing next to young, or very young, newcomers. She will be terribly missed by the many and many devotees who, year after year, generation after generation, never ceased to find ways to get in touch with her, approach her and exchange a few words. A legend.”

xoxo Amanda

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