Happy Birthday Andy

August 7, 2012 No Comments by amanda

The infamous American artist, Andy Warhol would have celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday, August 6th.The pop artist’s grave is in the modest St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery, on a hill overlooking a highway about 20 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Eric Shiner, director of the Andy Warhol Museum comments, ”Which is, of course, ironic. . . That the arbiter of taste and style and art of the 20th century is laid to rest in an otherwise very mundane graveyard.”

Warhol was buried there in 1987, after dying unexpectedly while recovering from gallbladder surgery at New York Hospital. His relatives wanted him buried in the same place as his parents: just outside Pittsburgh, the city where he was born.

Today, fans of Warhol’s visit this site, and in memory, leave all manners of mementoes including Coke bottles & cans of Campbell’s soup that he made iconic through his use of Pop Art.

In loving memory of this revolutionary artist.

xoxo Amanda

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