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June 30, 2012 No Comments by amanda


Raf Simons & Hedi Slimane

In a girls world, it seems like the men may be taking over, and we aren’t mad at it.

Raf Simons and Hedi Slimane, who have both taken hold of the creative reins well respected houses in our industry. Simons is now the artistic director of Christian Dior, and Slimane the creative director at Yves Saint Laurent.  People may see the pair as rivals or competitors, but in reality they are joint leaders of a new design generation.

Both are members of the postmodern movement, a generation that grew up just before the Internet revolution. But they’re still young enough to be comfortable finding inspiration in a myriad of cultural interests that they source from the Web. The most obvious thing they have in common is that both Simons and Slimane started in menswear and are 44 years old. They are fellow travelers linked now more than ever by a shared career timeline. The new millennium was the moment they both burst onto the scene, and both have preferred to use teenagers plucked from the street versus real models for their shows.

Both designers mine youth culture for energy and inspiration to fuel their creative process. They are informed by modern pop culture, the zeitgeist, and most importantly, their own lives and not old-fashioned ideals. Their upcoming shows will be a a testament to the fashion industry turning a new page and giving its best positions to designers who are not cut from the same old cloth.

The fashion industry and myself are waiting with baited breath to see what these two creative heads have up their sleeves- and i’m sure they won’t disappoint!

xoxo Amanda

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